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item no.: 105328705003
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specification: 6 piece
functions:Anti-water RetenionDetoxWomen’s CareBodyDetoxAnti-water RetenionLow-calorie MealMetabolismLymphatic Circulation


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product name: Ankang Slimming Pumpkin Soup (6piece) item no.: 105328705003 brand: Ankang
ative from: 2011-09-07 00:00:00 product size: 6 piece country of origin: Hong Kong
function: Anti-water RetenionDetoxWomen’s CareBodyDetoxAnti-water RetenionLow-calorie MealMetabolismLymphatic Circulation category: Slimming Food



Ankang Slimming Pumpkin Soup mainly contains pumpkin and red job’s tears. Pumpkin is sweet in flavour and warm in nature. It contains powerful antioxidants such as vitamin A, carotene and xanthophyll, which help protect cells against oxidation by free radicals. Pumpkin can also help maintain a healthy digestive system and promote proper absorption of nutrients.

Red job’s tears is job’s tears with its reddish brain intact. It is very nutritious and high in fibre. Sweet, light in flavour and slightly cold in nature, red job’s tears can supplement the spleen, strengthen the stomach, prevent and reduce edema through its diuretic effects, and thereby improve health by helping you achieve and maintain your ideal weight. In addition, this product can serve as an excellent breakfast or instant food replacement as it contains lotus seeds, gorgon fruit and buckwheat, which are rich in nutrients and dietary fibre and can keep you feeling full and satisfied.

Each pack contains 6 sachets. The net weight is 25g each.

how to use

  1. Empty a sachet into a cup.
  2. Add 180 - 200c.c. of hot water and stir.
  3. Wait for 10 minutes before drinking the soup.


  • 【Pumpkin】benefits the digestive system, and improves gastrointestinal function.
  • 【Lotus Seed】benefits the kidneys and reduces excessive urination, supplements the spleen and stops diarrhea.
  • 【Gorgon Fruit】supplements the spleen, dispels dampness, benefits the kidneys and reduces excessive urination.
  • 【Red Job’s Tears】gives diuretic effects, clears heat, supplements the spleen, regulates lipid level, and beautifies skin.

country of origin

Hong Kong