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item no.: 105334202001
now: US$42.30
specification: 30 piece
functions:DetoxBlocking AbsorptionMetabolismBodyAnti-water Retenion


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product name: Yuwa Slimming Young Barley (30piece) item no.: 105334202001 brand: Yuwa
ative from: 2011-08-22 00:00:00 product size: 30 piece country of origin: Japan
function: DetoxBlocking AbsorptionMetabolismBodyAnti-water Retenion category: Slimming Drink



Yuwa Slimming Young Barley contains natural antioxidants substances, amino acids, chlorophyll, enzymes, folic acid and vitamins to help intestinal health. It also improves constipation and enhance immunity.

The product is particularly suitable for people who works in the office for a long time, suffers constipation, bad breath, green insufficient food intake, lower body fat, easy to edema, poor metabolism.

how to use

One bag per day, Mix well with about 100 ~ 180cc water or milk.

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