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product name: Mambino Organics Little Bottoms Diaper Wash (148ml) item no.: 105361302001 brand: Mambino Organics
ative from: 2011-09-14 00:00:00 product size: 148 ml country of origin: USA
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Mambino Organics Little Bottoms Diaper Wash

USDA Organic!

Today many commercial diaper wipes often contain chemical preservatives and fragrances that can be irritating to a baby’s delicate skin and may cause many skin problems in the future.
Our baby “wipe in the bottle” is made with 100% natural, alcohol-free and safe ingredients without any chemicals found in wet wipes. Use it at each diaper change to clean the area and insure diaper rash protection. It is a non-irritating, safe and gentle formulation for even the most sensitive skin. For infants and up.

  • Made with organic and sustainably grown ingredients
  • Use it at each diaper change to clean the area
  • Soothes and speeds the healing of diaper rash
  • Fine-mist sprayer allows for directed application to cotton pad, washcloth or soft
    paper towel
  • Only plant-based ingredients-no chemicals
  • May be used anywhere on a baby’s delicate skin


  • Lavender hydrosol – therapeutic and soothing benefits
  • Calendula hydrosol– helps with burns, irritations, cuts
  • Chamomile hydrosol - astringent and soothing effects

how to use

Moisten a cotton pad or clean washcloth to gently clean baby's skin with each diaper change, or spray directly onto skin.


  • lavendula angustifolia (organic lavender) flower distillate
  • calendula officinalis (organic calendula) flower distillate Made with certified organic ingredients/certified vegan and 100% pure love

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