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product name: Mambino Organics Mommy Care Pack (4piece) item no.: 105367104001 brand: Mambino Organics
ative from: 2011-09-14 00:00:00 product size: 4 piece country of origin: USA
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Mambino Organics Mommy Care Pack - Our Mommy Care Pack is an extraordinary four-piece system that goes beyond preventing stretch marks and dry skin. Specially designed to take care of mommy-to-be from head to toe, it nourishes, smoothes and calms skin to restore a radiance and youthful glow. Each product feels amazing and smells delicious! After childbirth, continue to use to aid in the rebound of your fabulicious body.

This pack includes:

  • oh baby! belly butter™ (4 oz / 114 g) - A rich, luxurious blend of nature's most nourishing and healing botanicals.
    What happens: Softens the appearance of old and prevents new stretch marks.
  • youth glow™ omega face complex (1 oz / 30 ml) - A light weight, fast absorbing oil, rich in essential fatty acids and natural antioxidants.
    What happens: Awakens the skin to radiant, youthful glow
  • moisture me™ body toning oil (6 oz / 150 ml) - A light refreshing body toning oil.
    What happens: Boosts collagen production, firming trouble spots in the stomach, decollete, arms and legs.
  • mommy and baby™ calming aromatherapy (7 ml / .25 oz) - Create a true "at-home spa experience" with this perfect blend of aromatic and soothing lavender and roman chamomile.
    What happens: De-stresses and calms your skin and your senses.

*full size bottles, last approx 2-3 months with daily use

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