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item no.: 105395304001
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RRP: US$ 32.00
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functions:SPF30 or AboveConcealingPA + +Whitening


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SPF30 PA++ Protection Concealer (5.4g) (01)
item no.: 105395304001 brand: CYBER COLORS
ative from: 2011-12-23 00:00:00 product size: 5.4 g country of origin: Korea
function: SPF30 or AboveConcealingPA + +Whitening category: Cream Concealer


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item no.: 105395304001
size: 5.4 g
now: US$ 25.5
RRP: US$ 32.00
save: 20.3%

Cyber Colors New SPF30 PA++ Protection Concealer merges 4 functions in a Protection Concealer Kit:
Covers Blemishes, even skin tone, nourishes skin and UV protection

Different colors can be blended from the 3 different concealer colors:

  • Different shade can be well blended to cover freckles, dark spots, acne scars,
    dark eye circles,dark areas around mouth and nose,pores,etc.
  • Brown color shade covers darker scar or blemishes
  • Natural and light beige shade can covers acne scars. You can apply the concealer by the brush provided or by finger.

It is Super fine and soft in texture. Designed to be applied at the delicate eye areas to cover fine lines and dark eye circles.3 colors shade to fit different skin tone, which enables a natural finishing to avoid inharmonious sin color. Natural spreading ingredients avoid powder and color lump phenomenon.

how to use

After using make up base, apply gently by fingertip or brush in designed areas, and spread out evenly.

  • Dark eye circles : choose color 1 tone darker than your foundation
  • Freckles/acne scars : choose color 1 tone lighter than your foundation
  • Brownish grey eye circles :use light beige, and then warm natural
  • Reddish Brown eye circles :use natural as base,then use light beige


  • 【Fixative Polymer 】: derived from silicone allowing the concealer be spread out very smoothly and evenly on face. Water and oil resistant properties help to keep make up firm and long-lasting
  • 【inorganic UV protectors 】:unique soft reflection of light which enable soft focus affect and cover skin blemish instantly.
  • 【E Accetate】prevent formation of fine lines. Nourish skin and cover blemishes at the same time.

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