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functions:GlucoseAnti-water RetenionMetabolismDetoxBodyDetoxAnti-water RetenionMetabolism


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product name: Ankang Detox Enzyme (3+1 bottles limited sets) (4piece) item no.: 105397410001 brand: Ankang
ative from: 2011-09-03 00:00:00 product size: 4 piece
function: GlucoseAnti-water RetenionMetabolismDetoxBodyDetoxAnti-water RetenionMetabolism category: Western Supplement


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Ankang Detox Enzyme combines the benefits of different vegetables and fruits specially formulated for city dwellers. It promotes detoxification and accelerated metabolism, correcting blemish skin. It also normalizes circulation and peristalsis to prevent constipation, maintaining good health.

Ankang Detox Enzyme delivers the following benefits:

  • It detoxifies and facilitates bowel movement.

  • It enhances immune system.

  • It normalizes internal organs, leaving skin flawless.

  • It corrects blemish skin.

  • It promotes better metabolism and good health.

Content: 60ml x 4 bottles

how to use

Consume before meal in the morning. 30ml for each serving. Mixed with 150ml-240ml of cold or warm water or fruit juice. If those who suffer from severe constipation, mix 60-90ml with 5-8 times amount of cold or warm water or fruit juice. Consume before meal in the morning.


Lingzi, honey peach, pineapple, papaya, radish, carrot, plum, brown rice, sweet potato, corn, pumpkin, sprouting broccoli, soybean, mulberry, bell pepper, potato, lettuce, cauliflower, konjac, Chinese white cabbage, hawthorn, mung bean, small red bean, pea, cucumber, turnip, great burdock, wax gourd, sugarcane, lotus root, taro, celery, Chinese yam, mulberry leaf, cabbage, water convolvulus, Chinese kale, early dwarf pea, perilla, loofah, mushroom, ginger, aloe vera, spinach, avocado, golden mushroom, cashew nut, common fig, sand yacon, sweet orange, lemon, guava, melon, passion fruit, apple, citrus, grape, carambola, watermelon, longan, mango, strawberry, lychee, grapefruit, round kumquat, pine nut, pear, loquat, peach, wax apple, cherry, yeast, lactobacillus bacteria, acetobecter bacteria