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item no.: 105405402001
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specification: 120 ml


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product name: BIORE Make-up Removal Facial Wash (120ml) item no.: 105405402001 brand: BIORE
ative from: 2011-11-02 00:00:00 product size: 120 ml
function: Hydrating category: Cleansing Milk



Biore Make-up Removal Facial Wash is a mildly cleanse, contains moisture ingredient, which helps the skin free from tight feeling after use. The facial cleanser is with make-up removing function. It has a dual action formula, which can dissolve and remove grease, make-up foundation, make-up base and sun screen product. The rich and fine lather refreshes skin.

how to use

Pump a proper amount of New Make-up Removal Facial Wash (size of a 10-dollar coin). Work into lather with drops of water. Massage over face and then rinse off thoroughly.