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functions:Hydrating SoothingAnti-oxidizingNourishing


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product name: Nuxe PRODIGIEUX
Nuit Aniti-Fatigue Moisturzing Cream (15ml)
item no.: 105453609003 brand: Nuxe
ative from: 2013-07-26 00:00:00 product size: 15 ml country of origin: France
function: Hydrating SoothingAnti-oxidizingNourishing category: Night Cream


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Crème Prodigieuse Nuit Aniti-Fatigue Moisturzing Cream is a night cream that provides long lasting moisture and protection against oxidative stress. It also stimulates cell renewal and leave skin smooth and comfortable. The consistency is light, is absorbed immediately and makes the skin matte. It contains 90% ingredients of natural origin.

how to use

Apply the cream on cleansed face and neck at night before bedtime.


  • Blue Everlasting Polyphenols: resists UVA,UVB and pollution
  • Blue Agerate Extract: calm and distress your skin
  • Cocoa extract: protect cells and prevent cells from early aging

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all skin type

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