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functions:Acne CareBlemish ScarsSensitive SkinSoothingDeep CleansingHydrating 


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product name: Méthode SWISS ESSENTIAL CARE
Balancing Skin Toner (400ml)
item no.: 105493504001 brand: Méthode SWISS
ative from: 2012-08-21 00:00:00 product size: 400 ml country of origin: Switzerland
function: Acne CareBlemish ScarsSensitive SkinSoothingDeep CleansingHydrating  category: Firming Toner


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item no.: 101013403001
size: 200 ml
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A balancing toner to remove residual makeup and impurities from the face and neck. It imparts and immediate feeling of freshness and well-being to the skin and prepares it for the daily skincare treatment.

how to use

Apply after cleansing, wipe gently with cotton pad on face and neck.


  • Moisture Detox Complex (MDC): Strength skin cells, moisturize skin, fight against free radicals
  • Witch Hazel Extract: astringent, anti-inflammatory, softening and anti-free radical
  • Licorice Root Extract: brightening, anti-inflammtory and soothing

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suitable for
all skin type / normal skin

all skin type / normal skin