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item no.: 105495903001
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product name: HARUHADA Berries Berries Drink (30piece) item no.: 105495903001 brand: HARUHADA
ative from: 2011-11-21 00:00:00 product size: 30 piece country of origin: Taiwan
function: HydratingAnti-oxidizingWhiteningResillient category: Beauty Supplement 



A pack of Haruhada Berries Berries Drink contains 10 various species of berries, including precious raspberries and Brazilian berries which consists of high anti-oxidant power. The Red Wine Polyphenols can slower the aging process of the cell and simply anti-oxidant in nature.

The powder is highly soluble and portable.

It is the savior of dehydrated, inelastic, dull skin which is replete with large pores, plagas and wrinkles. Recognized by GMP.

how to use

1-2 packs per day. Mix it with water before consumption. For those who are allergic to certain ingredients, do not consume it


  • 【Brazilian berry extract】: anti-aging, anti- radical, weight-control
  • 【blueberry extract】: anti-oxidant and accelerate blood circulation
  • 【rapesberry extract】: high fiber content
  • 【Red Wine Polyphenols】: highly anti-oxidant, resist against the free radicals and slow down the aging of cell

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