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product name: HARUHADA Marine Collagen Powder 5,000MG (180g) item no.: 105496204001 brand: HARUHADA
ative from: 2012-04-26 00:00:00 product size: 180 g country of origin: Taiwan
function: WhiteningHydratingAnti-oxidizingResillient category: Beauty Supplement 



Haruhada Marine Collagen Powder 5,000MG can supplement the nutrients(collagen, glucosamine and Coenzyme Q) of your skin every day. It is the savior of dehydrated, inelastic, dull skin which is replete with large pores, plagas and wrinkles. Recognized by GMP.

how to use

Consume one spoon per day. Mixed with warm water.For those who are allergic to marine creatures, please do not consume it.


  • 【collagen】: high moist-boosting power, revitalize the skin and stimulate regeneration
  • 【glucosamine】 : promote the production of collagen and proteoglycan inside the body
  • 【COQ10】: anti- oxidant, protect the skin from UV harm and the attacks of free radicals.
  • 【Acerola extract】: high Vitamin C content

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all skin type

all skin type