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item no.: 105517702001
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specification: 38 ml
functions:FatiguePain Reliever


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product name: Cheong Kun Cheong Kun Pain Reliever Oil (38ml) item no.: 105517702001 brand: Cheong Kun
ative from: 2012-02-29 00:00:00 product size: 38 ml
function: FatiguePain Reliever category: Medicated Oil



Fast-on-set and effectice to stop bleeding, relieve pains, cure rheumatism, reduce topical swelling and local inflammation

how to use

For burns and bleeding wounds, apply oil to affected areas with use of cotton for one to two times daily or as necessary.

To maximum effect for serious wounds, wrap fully absored oil cotton with gauze patch, apply to the affected area and slightly tight up with bandages for a period of time.

For other indications, apply appropriate amount of oil and massage gently as needed.


Kampferia Pandurata, Scirpus Maritimus L., Rheum Officinate, Albizzia Julibrissin, Corydalis Remota, Camphor ,Frankincense, Myrrh, Dipsacus Sinensis, Polypodium Fortunei, Gum of Calamus Draco, Mineral Oil