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specification: 75 ml
functions:Anti-oxidizingFirmingHydrating NourishingAnti-wrinkle


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product name: Helena Rubinstein HYDRA COLLAGENIST
Deep Hydration Mask (75ml)
item no.: 105530303001 brand: Helena Rubinstein
ative from: 2011-12-23 00:00:00 product size: 75 ml
function: Anti-oxidizingFirmingHydrating NourishingAnti-wrinkle category: Rinse Off Mask



Helena Rubinstein HR Hydra Collagenist Deep Hydration Mask is wonderfully nourishing and hydrating, leaving your skin feel softer than ever to the touch. Crafted by Helena Rubinstein Laboratories, collagen experts for more than 10 years, have created HYDRA COLLAGENIST SERIES in which it is highly nourishing and moisturizing, pampering each and every inch of your skin down to the core. HYDRA COLLAGENIST is enriched in Derm-Hydrafix complex and collagen microspheres to “implant” water at the heart of skin* and preserve its signs of youth. An instant hydration boost with reduced dehydration wrinkles. Upon regular use, skin is better hydrated, denser, smoother and visibly younger. You will definitely tell the difference between Helena Rubinstein and others instantly after applying our products!

how to use

Apply C MASK thoroughly cleansed and toned skin morning and/or evening. Gently massage into skin. This skincare treatment immediately penetrates the skin, without leaving a greasy film.

suitable for
dry and delicate skin / all skin type

dry and delicate skin / all skin type