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functions:Deep CleansingNourishingAnti-wrinkleAnti-oxidizingBrighteningHydrating FirmingOil Control


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product name: Sisley EXFOLIATING & MASK
Black Rose Cream Mask (10ml)
item no.: 105534504001 brand: Sisley
ative from: 2013-05-27 00:00:00 product size: 10 ml
function: Deep CleansingNourishingAnti-wrinkleAnti-oxidizingBrighteningHydrating FirmingOil Control category: Rinse Off Mask


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Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask is The 1st Sisley mask enriched with anti-aging active ingredients.
A skincare mask rich in trace elements, vitamins and plant extracts, specially formulated to act instantly on the signs of aging and fatigue to rejuvenate skin and restore vitality.

An instant youth and beauty boost combining three actions to restore a luminous complexion and skin that appears redensified, in only 15 minutes.
 a smoothing and plumping action
 a revitalizing action
 a moisturising, softening and repairing action
With a delicious rose fragrance and soft, creamy texture, this mask provides a true moment of pleasure and relaxation. Immediately hydrated and replumped, skin is visibly smoother and traces of ageing fade away. The face appears refreshed and the complexion recovers its luminosity.

how to use

Apply it all over the face for 10-15 minutes after cleansing. It is advised to use once or twice a week.


 -Extract of Black Rose: Possesses smoothing and anti-free radical properties*  -Extract of Great Mullein (new active ingredient) : Protects and soothes skin  -Extract of Alkekengi Calyx: Stimulates the synthesis of Collagen fibres*, possesses anti-collagenase* effects  -Extract of Red Vine leaf: Tones skin and improves radiance  -Extract of Padina pavonica: Stimulates the synthesis* of glycoaminoglycanes  -Extract of Chlorella: revitalizes  -Essential oils of Rose and Magnolia: Soothe skin  -Phytosqualane: Possesses emollient and moisturizing properties

suitable for
mature skin / all skin type

mature skin / all skin type