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item no.: 105585503002
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specification: 1 pair(s)
functions:FirmingAnti-water RetenionHipLower LegThigh


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product name: SCHOLL MEDIQTTO
Trencker (M) (1pair(s))
item no.: 105585503002 brand: SCHOLL
ative from: 2011-11-17 00:00:00 product size: 1 pair(s) country of origin: England
function: FirmingAnti-water RetenionHipLower LegThigh category: Socks



SCHOLL MediQtto Trencker is a pair of slimming leggings for you to put on when you are out. When you use it in the daytime, it naturally relieves swollen legs for a slimming effect, keeping the contours of the area from your hip to your legs charming and firmed all day long. You will feel lithe and confident. The product is effective in lifting the hip, slimming the legs and firming the waist. The U-shaped heel-hole legging amplifies the lengthening effect.

MediQtto Trencker matches with everyday clothes and ornaments well. It wraps the whole waist to beautify the contours of the waist. Made with quality materials, it provides 3D support and lifts the hip. With a U-shaped heel-hole design and a non-see-through material, it creates an illusion of long legs. Specially designed to exert different amount of pressure on different parts of the legs, the product effectively increases the circulation of blood and lymph. Starting from the ankles towards the thighs, it gradually firms the legs and reduces the amount of water contained. You will be free and relaxed with a fashionable look. The beauty of your legs will be vividly displayed.

When choosing the appropriate size, first check the measurements of your ankle, shank, thigh, and hip. Then choose with reference to your height for a more accurate selection. A medium size is suitable for those who are 150 – 160cm tall while a large size is suitable for those who are 155 – 165cm tall. However, for spindlelegs whose height is over 160cm, it is recommended to choose a medium-sized Trencker.

how to use

How to wear:
Put on the Trencker before going out.

  1. Slip your toes through the Trencker. Tug the Trencker upwards.
  2. While tugging the Trencker, make sure the part under the heel is in position.
  3. Tug upward to the waist.

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