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item no.: 105587002001
now: US$3.80
RRP: US$ 4.50
Discount: 16% off
specification: 10 piece
functions:Blackhead RemovingPore Minimizing


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product name: sasatinnie I LOVE SASATINNIE
Nose Cleansing Pack (10piece)
item no.: 105587002001 brand: sasatinnie
ative from: 2012-05-01 00:00:00 product size: 10 piece
function: Blackhead RemovingPore Minimizing category: Blackhead Remover Lotion/Cream



Sasatinnie[I LOVE SASATINNIE] Nose Cleansing Pack :is designed to remove the blackhead, dirt oil on the nose areas. It unclogs pores and obviously reduces the formation of blackhead and blemish, effectively curb the sebum secretion and leaving the skin purified , fresh. Pores and blemish are no longer appearing. Skin looks more smooth and refined.

how to use

  1. Wet the nose and the nearby.
  2. Remove the transparency with dry hands and paste it on the nose.
  3. Wait for 10-15minutes.
  4. Remove the dried pack then rinse.