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item no.: 105687003001
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functions:Dark Spots RemovingPore MinimizingBrighteningHydrating Firming


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product name: Méthode SWISS THERMAL WHITE
Thermal White Toning Prep (200ml)
item no.: 105687003001 brand: Méthode SWISS
ative from: 2012-05-14 00:00:00 product size: 200 ml country of origin: Switzerland
function: Dark Spots RemovingPore MinimizingBrighteningHydrating Firming category: Firming Toner


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item no.: 105687003001
size: 200 ml
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RRP: US$ 43.90
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Méthode SWISS Thermal White Toning Prep is a soothing toner that promotes the recovery of skin’s hydrolipidic balance during cleansing. It also primes skin to achieve the maximum results from the skincare that follows.

Methode Swiss Thermal White Toning Prep is enriched with luxurious active ingredients: Swiss thermal water base and advanced whitening and detoxifying formula ( Detoxyl® & Ecaline® ), which can whiten, detoxify and repair your skin with few steps. Wonderfully improved, stopped and prevented the formation of melamine, it is not impossible to possess a white, translucent and clear skin.

how to use

Smooth over the face and neck with a cotton pad after having thoroughly cleansed the skin with the Thermal Cleansing Milk or the Thermal Cleansing Gel. Pat dry.


  • Swiss thermal water base
  • Whitening and detoxifying formula( Detoxyl® &Ecaline® )

country of origin


suitable for
all skin type / normal skin

all skin type / normal skin