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product name: Zensation Ultrasonic Facial Device (1piece) item no.: 105700802001 brand: Zensation
ative from: 2012-08-31 00:00:00 product size: 1 piece
function: HydratingAnti-wrinkle category: Beauty Devices



Zensation Ultrasonic Facial Device is having an ultrasonic vibration ( 5 million times per second) to stimulate your face, in order to promote the inherent molecules between the cells and the increase the elasticity of your skin. It would help slow down the skin again and wrinkles. Also, it can help improve the active ingredients in essence and the ingredients could directly access to your underlying skin. Your skin could fully absorb the nutrients. This product is waterproof design and it is suitable to use during bathing. When bathing, your pores would expanse, the effectiveness is more remarkable.


The effect of Ultrasonic Facial Device:


1.      Moisturizing and Whitening

This product could help activate the cell metabolism. Also, it helps to remove the old dead skin. The whitening and moisturizing effective to your underlying skin.


2.      Anti- wrinkle

Helps dehydrated skin to reduce fine lines and regain hydrate.


3.      Enhance Skin Elasticity

The heating and vibration of the ultrasonic facial device helps to improve metabolism and smoothen your skin, your skin’s elasticity increase.


4, Tighten skin

The vibration of the ultrasonic facial device to eliminate the dirt from underlying skin and help promote blood circulation, your skin would be tightening.

how to use

First, clean your skin and apply the essence on your face. Apply the device on your face and massage for five to ten minutes. And then apply the day time or night time skin care products. Recommended to use every two to three weeks.

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