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item no.: 105716702007
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specification: 2 pair(s)


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Period: Feb 3, 2016 - Feb 29, 2016

product name: Koji DOLLY WINK
False Lashes (No. 10 Sweet Cat) (2pair(s))
item no.: 105716702007 brand: Koji
ative from: 2012-03-12 00:00:00 product size: 2 pair(s) country of origin: Japan
function: category: False Lashes



Koji Dolly Wink False Lashes (No. 10 Sweet Cat) is a kind of fake lashes that emphasize cat-like dark eyes from the corner of the eye to the middle of the upper eyelid line. The fake lashes increase volume and extend lengths at the end of the upper eyelid line, giving you a perfect sweet and sexy cat look. It presents a charming 3-D eye make-up. It can be used repeatedly.

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