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item no.: 105756011001
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specification: 30 ml
functions:Acne CareAcne SoothingPore Minimizing


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product name: Innisfree JEJUBIJA
Anti-Trouble Spot Essence W (30ml)
item no.: 105756011001 brand: Innisfree
ative from: 2012-06-26 00:00:00 product size: 30 ml
function: Acne CareAcne SoothingPore Minimizing category: Acne Essence



Innisfree Jejubija Anti-Trouble Spot Essence is enriched with higher concentration of Jejubija whjch has a stronger effect on the acnes. Jejubija contains fatty acid and vitamin E which can kill germs and moisturize your skin at the same time.

Innisfree Jejubija Anti-Trouble Spot Essence is useful to soothe and moisturize skin and keep pores clean and unclogged so that acne will be unlikely to form. Deeply remove oil and leaves your skin with a oil-free and refreshing sensation.

suitable for
oily and acne skin

oily and acne skin