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product name: Collistar LINEA UOMO
Perfect Abdonminals Treatment (300ml)
item no.: 105767715004 brand: Collistar
ative from: 2013-01-02 00:00:00 product size: 300 ml country of origin: Italy
function: FirmingWaist category: Slimming Lotion/Cream /Oil



Collistar Perfect Abdonminals Treatment is an outstandingly successful product, now available in an improved formula with added efficacy. An incomparable Collistar product that makes it possible to obtain and maintain a toned, fit and perfectly lean figure. The result of a long research and thorough testing, it has been specially designed to fight adipose deposits and relaxed tissues by targeting the most critical points of the male body: belly, hips and “love handles”

The new extra –potent formula contains a superconcentrated cocktail of three slimming plant extracts that provide an all-round action on adipose cells to favour the elimination of fats.

how to use

Apply with light circular movements. A prickling sensation and redness of treated areas are part of the product’s normal action.

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