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product name: Innisfree CANOLA
Canola Honey Pack & Cream (100ml)
item no.: 105864306001 brand: Innisfree
ative from: 2012-07-03 00:00:00 product size: 100 ml
function: Anti-oxidizingNourishingAnti-wrinkleHydrating  category: Day & Night Cream



Innisfree Canola Honey Pack & Cream can be used as both cream and mask depending upon your need.
It is enriched with Canola Honey which is highly moisturizing and nourishing. The essence has a fresh and lightweight texture which glides smoothly on your face, pampering each and every inch of your face. Your skin can be renewed, refined, resilient and radiant upon using it.

how to use

Day/night cream: apply it after cleansing and toning

sleeping mask: dispense some onto your face, followed by some massage.

regular mask: after cleansing, apply some cream on your face, then massage it for 5 minute before rinsing it off.

suitable for
all skin type / normal skin

all skin type / normal skin

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