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item no.: 105870502001
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specification: 125 ml
functions:PeelingOil ControlHydrating BrighteningPore MinimizingDeep CleansingSensitive Skin


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product name: Biotherm HOMME T-PUR
Anti-Oil and Wet Purifying Cleanser (125ml)
item no.: 105870502001 brand: Biotherm
ative from: 2012-07-31 00:00:00 product size: 125 ml
function: PeelingOil ControlHydrating BrighteningPore MinimizingDeep CleansingSensitive Skin category: Cleansing Foam



Biotherm T-PUR Purifying Cleanser is a clay-like cleanser with gentle scrubbing effect instantly unclogs the pores from all impurities. The skin is deeply purified. New T-PUR anti-oil and wet program, tailored for men with oily-skin concerns. Radical anti-shine technology composing of sebum regulating sea algae extract enriched with zinc and absorbing volcanic material keeps skin fresh and matt all-day!

The first of the new 3-step Radical Anti-Shine Skin Program, T-Pur Cleanser cleanses skin while neutralizing impurities caused by dust, sebum, pollution and sweat. Powerful anti-shine technology fights shine caused by sebum and excess sweat on the surface of the skin for a neat, matte, clean skin that lasts up to 8 hours. Excess sebum is neutralized, excess sweat is reduced. The skin is radically mattified and feels neat and clean all day. Skin texture is refined.

how to use

Apply to damp face morning and evening. Gently massage for 30 seconds, rinse with lukewarm water. To perform deeper purifying effect once a week, leave the cleanser to dry for 3 minutes after massage, rinse off.


Clay, Anti-bacterial agent, Copper, Zinc

suitable for
oily and acne skin / all skin type

oily and acne skin / all skin type