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functions:NourishingHydrating Anti-wrinkleWhitening


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product name: Shiseido HADA SENKA
Whitening Toner Refresh (200ml)
item no.: 105939313006 brand: Shiseido
ative from: 2012-08-18 10:00:00 product size: 200 ml
function: NourishingHydrating Anti-wrinkleWhitening category: Comforting Toner



Shiseido HADA SENKA Whitening Toner Refresh is able to achieve the amazing whitening effect as excellent as whitening essence. It is an indispensable product in summer which provides you with a simplified and shortened whitening skincare steps to help achieving better whitening effect. The watery, light and fresh texture is effective to penetration deeply into the cuticle to prevent sun spots or freckles, leaving the skin supple, moisturized and translucent. No fragrance or additional coloring, non-sticky.

how to use

Apply on face after thorough cleansing. Take a proper amount in the palm or on cotton pad. Gently pat into skin or wipe over face.


Effective whitening ingredients:

  • Vitamin C stability derivatives: Japanese experts found that vitamin C can prevent the formation of melanin, but is susceptible to external influences such as light, heat and acid. Therefore, Shiseido developed the vitamin C stability derivatives which is a more stable whitening ingredient and cannot be easily broken down. Effectively reduce melanin formation to improve spots and freckles, making skin looks translucent.
  • Double hyaluronic acid: Formed by two kinds of hyaluronic acid, it effectively enhances skin elasticity and maintain moisture on skin surface. With proper blend of the two hyaluronic acid, it makes the skin supple, moist and plump.
  • Royal Jelly essence: Rich in numerous kinds of nutrients, it is a valuable natural beauty products.

suitable for
combination skin / normal skin

combination skin / normal skin