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item no.: 105945003001
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specification: 10 ml
functions:Anti-puffinessAnti-dark CirclesAnti-eye BagsAnti-wrinkleNourishingHydrating


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product name: SAMPAR COSMAKEUP
Glamour Shot Eyes (10ml)
item no.: 105945003001 brand: SAMPAR
ative from: 2012-12-03 00:00:00 product size: 10 ml country of origin: France
function: Anti-puffinessAnti-dark CirclesAnti-eye BagsAnti-wrinkleNourishingHydrating category: Concealer Pencil



Glamour Shot Eyes

In 1 minute, this multi-action glamour revealer erases dark circles, brightens the dark areas around the eyes and blurs under-eye wrinkles and fine lines. As if that wasn’t enough, its formula enriched in hyaluronic acid offers a long-term and lasting anti-wrinkles action.

Results: 77% of women find their eyes brightened 1 minute after application and less tired after 4 weeks of use*

*Averages obtained following clinical and consumer test performed with 22 participants during 4 weeks

how to use

After fully moisturizing the eye contour, dab a bit of product under the eye with the applicator. Lightly tap with fingertips until the product is completely absorbed. Apply make-up after 5 minutes.


MIB Complex helps eliminate puffiness and dark circles, thanks to its anti-oedematous, anti-inflammatory and veinotonic properties. HQA Microlens, newest generation of soft focus, fill in furrows and lines so that light is reflected off the skin homogeneously, visually erasing imperfections and illuminating the eye area. Oat Extract provides an optimal and immediate lifting effect. Encapsulated Hyaluronic Acid enables targeting of wrinkles and fine lines from within and plumps the eye contour for a long-term anti-wrinkles action. Urban Advance Complex, a powerful alliance of 3 active ingredients (shea butter serum, mint endorphin and probiotic sugar), acts as an anti-oxidant shield, neutralizing any cutaneous imbalances linked to pollution, strengthens the skin’s natural defenses and shocks the skin back to life on a cellular level.

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all skin type / mature skin

all skin type / mature skin

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