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item no.: 105965202001
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specification: 50 ml
functions:Redness RemovingNourishingSoothingHydrating Sensitive Skin


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product name: Nuxe CREME FRAICHE
24HR Soothing & Rehydrating Fresh Mask (50ml)
item no.: 105965202001 brand: Nuxe
ative from: 2012-09-25 00:00:00 product size: 50 ml country of origin: France
function: Redness RemovingNourishingSoothingHydrating Sensitive Skin category: Rinse Off Mask



Based on the NUXE the Crème Fraîche ® formula, the brand new Crème Fraîche ® 2012 series are nourished with a variety of deluxe moisturizing ingredients, to relieve and moisturize dehydrated and sensitive skin. T

his new milk moisturizing series, is free of Paraben preservatives, mineral oil, animal ingredients and artificial colors, which makes 24-hour moisturizing effect and anti-allergy.

The delicate creamy moisturizing mask can instantly relieve thirst-quenching, sooth tingling, redness and other discomfort caused by allergies. Suitable for all skin types, can be used for both the eye, especially for dry skin.

2013, NUXE 24HR Soothing & Rehydrating Fresh Mask has been awarded as the 2nd runner up of Best Hydrating Mask by Cosmopolitan!

how to use

Use once or twice a week. Take appropriate amount and smear on the face and eye skin. After 10 minutes, gently massage the entire face till completely absorbed or tissue off with the NUXE Rose Petals Gentle Toning Lotion.

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