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product name: Elizabeth Arden VISIBLE DIFFERENCE
Skin Balancing Lotion (50ml)
item no.: 105977312001 brand: Elizabeth Arden
ative from: 2012-11-14 00:00:00 product size: 50 ml country of origin: USA
function: Hydrating  category: Moisturizing Milk



Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Skin Balancing Lotion is an oil-free lotion containing a blend of advanced botanical extracts and powerful moisture boosters to provide long-lasting hydration and maintain skin’s moisture equilibrium.

Advanced Filagrinol ComplexTM prevents moisture loss at its source by binding moisture deep within the cutin. Clinically proved to keep skin hydrated after 24 hours. Clinically and dermatologist tested. Non-comedogenic.

how to use

After cleansing and toning your face, smooth this lotion onto face and throat.


  • 【Advanced Filagrinol Complex™】 Contains a blend of botanical extracts (including Sage and Melissa Extracts, Squalene, Nuteline, Oligopeptides and AQUAXYL™). It provide a continuous supply of moisture, while also conditioning and firming your skin. Dry skin areas are reversed, leaving skin feeling visibly softer, smoother and more luminous.
  • 【High Performance Moisture Magnets】Contains Sodium Hyaluronate and Sea Algae Extract to supplement your skin’s own natural moisturizing components and smooth skin.
  • 【Retinyl Linoleate】 An exclusive retinol derivative that gently and effectively retexturizes skin, improves skin tone and skin clarity. Also helps to repair the appearance of sun damage, leaving your skin looks firmer and smoother.
  • 【Tocopherol Acetate】 This Vitamin E derivative antioxidant protects skin from free radical protection and helps condition and restore skin.
  • 【Oligopeptides】 Supports skin’s own natural collagen generation to improve the appearance of elasticity and firmness

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suitable for
combination skin / oily and acne skin

combination skin / oily and acne skin

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