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item no.: 105978502002
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product name: Integrate Shooting Star lip gloss (7g) (PK400) item no.: 105978502002 brand: Integrate
ative from: 2012-08-22 00:00:00 product size: 7 g country of origin: Japan
function: category: Lip Gloss



Shiseido make up-lips Shooting Star lip gloss is a liquid lipstick-like lip gloss with GORGEOUS SHINE PIGMENT and hydrating formula. It contains HYALURONIC ACID, OLIVE OIL and other moisturizing ingredients to maintain soft & supple lips. It has a creamy smooth texture and gives a soft glossy shimmery finish. Exclusive DOUBLE-SIDED SPATULA APPLICATOR allows gloss to be evenly spread on lips to fill up fine lines. Newly released in 7 variations, the new True Shiny Gloss is LONG LASTING and allows you to create shiny supple lips like dazzling diamonds.

how to use

Apply on the lips, then use the double-sided spatula applicator to evenly spread the gloss on lips to fill up fine lines.


Hyaluronic acid, olive oil

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