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item no.: 105998204001
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specification: 6.5 g
functions:Anti-dark CirclesAnti-eye BagsAnti-puffinessAnti-wrinkleHydratingPA + +NourishingSPF30 or Above


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product name: Etude House Eye's Cream (Mint Cooling) (6.5g) item no.: 105998204001 brand: Etude House
ative from: 2012-10-01 16:00:00 product size: 6.5 g
function: Anti-dark CirclesAnti-eye BagsAnti-puffinessAnti-wrinkleHydratingPA + +NourishingSPF30 or Above category: Eye Cream



Etude House Eye's Cream (Mint Cooling) is an eye cream stick formulated to relieve dark patches and swelling around the eyes with an invigoratingly soothing sensation.

It is an eye cream stick with a moisturizing, brightening and anti-wrinkle formula to promote youthful skin around the eyes.

how to use

Twist to dispense. Apply to lower eye-lids by using stick to gently massage around the eyes. Use fingers to gently pat cream into skin.