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item no.: 106045703001
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specification: 15 ml
functions:Anti-dark CirclesNourishingSunscreenAnti-puffinessAnti-eye BagsHydrating


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product name: Méthode SWISS TRI-CELL AGE DELAY
Tri-cell Age Delay Eye Cream (15ml)
item no.: 106045703001 brand: Méthode SWISS
ative from: 2013-04-10 00:00:00 product size: 15 ml country of origin: Switzerland
function: Anti-dark CirclesNourishingSunscreenAnti-puffinessAnti-eye BagsHydrating category: Eye Cream



Méthode SWISS presents Tri-cell Age Delay series, which combines the three artificial cultivation of the plant stem cell active ingredients: Lycoskin Defence, PhytoCelTecTM Solar Vitis and Cellintegrity, which may set the barrier of the skin layers of fortification, strengthen the cell's own defense force, multiply the antioxidant capacity and give you youthful, firm and luster skin.

Tri-cell Age Delay Eye Cream with creamy texture, can bring gentle care for the delicate skin of the eye. With the advanced technology of stem cells in three innovative artificially propagated plants stem cell, ribbed skin can be repaired from the damage due to environmental and oxidative. With powerful alleviate, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, Tri-cell Age Delay eye cream focuses on giving young eyes looking bright and firm.

how to use

Take suitable amount and tap on the eye skin until absorb.


  • PhytoCelTecTM Solar Vitis – block UVA, UVB
  • Lycoskin Defence – protect the skin from heavy metal pollution, repair skin cells healthy.
  • Cellintegrity – instantly sooth the eye skin. Antioxidant and extend cell life.

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all skin type

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