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item no.: 106049902001
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RRP: US$ 11.00
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specification: 10 piece
functions:Blackhead RemovingPore Minimizing


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product name: LANEIGE PORE CARE
Blackhead Pore Strip (10piece)
item no.: 106049902001 brand: LANEIGE
ative from: 2012-07-16 00:00:00 product size: 10 piece
function: Blackhead RemovingPore Minimizing category: Blackhead Remover Lotion/Cream



Laneige PORE CARE Blackhead Pore Strip contains Effective Sebum Absorptive Kenaf ingredients instantly sucked the grease that store in the skin, quickly soften the hardened blackheads and exfoliate the dead skin, unimpeded the occluded pores, intercept excessive oil secretion. Have been carefully cut nose stickers with specially nose-designed, so that the position of the nose and areas around nose are comprehensively covered and obtained in order to achieve the multi-angle, instantly fresh and silky skin.

how to use

After using the melting gel, apply the strip to your damp nose. (Do not apply water directly to the strip as the water melts the content of the strip and extends drying time.)Wait about 10~15 minutes until the strip is completely dried and remove the strip.
Recommended 1~2 times a week.

suitable for
all skin type

all skin type