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item no.: 106051002005
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specification: 30 ml 05 Blue
functions:Oil ControlBrighteningConcealingHydratingAfter-sun Care


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product name: MAKE UP FOR EVER High Definition Primer (05 Blue) (30ml) (05 Blue) item no.: 106051002005 brand: MAKE UP FOR EVER
ative from: 2012-12-14 00:00:00 product size: 30 ml
function: Oil ControlBrighteningConcealingHydratingAfter-sun Care category: Base Cream



Make up Forever High Definition Primer is a revolutionary breakthrough product that uses innovative formulas to create a new generation of make up which Developed specifically for digital image capture.

The HD Primer not only moisturize the skin better but also absorb pollution molecules as well as protect the skin against the outside world, creating a glowing effect.

It creates a protective layer on the skin allowing the foundation to glide on easily and to last longer. Unlike standard skin care cream, the HD Primer dries quickly, allowing make up to be applied immediately.

The HD Primer has six different colors as well as a transparent color adjustable color to correct skin imperfections. Oil-free formula.

how to use

Apply the HD Primer with your fingertips to activate blood circulation. The friction on the skin will help the primer penetrate faster.


D-Panthenol & glycerin , Spherical silica microparticles elastic soft focus particles, Natural firming actives, Natural seaweed collagen

suitable for
all skin type

all skin type