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item no.: 106063810001
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specification: 125 ml
functions:Sensitive SkinHydrating Deep Cleansing


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product name: Neogence SOOTHING & RECOVERING
Gentle Cleansing Gel (125ml)
item no.: 106063810001 brand: Neogence
ative from: 2012-09-07 00:00:00 product size: 125 ml country of origin: Taiwan
function: Sensitive SkinHydrating Deep Cleansing category: Cleansing Gel



Neogence launched the brand-new Soothing and Recovering series, aiming to sooth the skin allergies and recovering the skin regeneration and protection. By adopting the pure, simple and safe formula, this Soothing and Recovering line advances 3 skincare therapies: strengthening protection, enhance tolerability and relieve allergy.

1. Strengthen the stratum corneum and improve skin resilience

  • Defense factor DEFENSIL ® ︰ rich in Omega-3 acids and linolenic acid, can significantly enhance water-lock capability.
  • Composite amine Ceralipid :repair and improve skin defense capability.
  • Hyaluronic acid: instantly supply moisturizing to the skin whole day long.
  • Squalane and Vitamin E, deeply moisturize the skin.
2. Enhance tolerance, and prevent skin allergies
  • Factor CalmosensineTM︰ enhance skin tolerance to environmental stimuli and reduce allergic reactions.
  • 3. Relieve allergy and anti-inflammatory Fresh and delicate texture, along with the cleansing process, it also keeps the skin moisturizing. Get the well preparation for the skincare afterwards.

    how to use

    Morning and evening, massage over a moistened face and rinse off with warm water.

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    all skin type

    all skin type

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