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product name: COGIT Peelin' Gel Sheet for Night (1pair(s)) item no.: 106064903001 brand: COGIT
ative from: 2012-09-03 00:00:00 product size: 1 pair(s)
function: Peeling category: Foot Scrub



Cogit Peelin' Gel Sheet for Night renders you a pair of silky foot just as the ones of babies. While endeavor yourself to lots of skincare product and makeup, don’t forget it is a pair of healthy foot that matters as well.

Cogit Peelin' Gel Sheet for Night is enriched in ingredients that can be highly penetrated to the thick cuticle of your feet, peeling them all off to strive for a pair of perfectly healthy and good-looking foot. Just apply it to your feet before you sleep, it starts working once you put it on, penetrating the ingredients to your feet. 5 to 7 days later, all the dead skin and cuticles can be apparently seen and peeled off, making your feet like the ones of babies.

People with sensitive skin and have trouble with wounds and onychomycosis, Please do not use this product.

how to use

Use it before you sleep. Put on the transparent gel sheet first and then the white one. Take it off the next morning (after 6-8 hours). The skin will start being peeled off after 5-7 days.