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product name: For Beloved One Hyaluronic Acid Tri-Molecules Moisturizing Serum (30ml) item no.: 106067108001 brand: For Beloved One
ative from: 2012-10-16 00:00:00 product size: 30 ml country of origin: Taiwan
function: Hydrating  category: Essence



For Beloved One Hyaluronic Acid Tri- Molecules Moisturizing Serum works to improve dryness of skin, provides triple effects in conducting, providing, keeping and locking moisture in cells. It contains moisturizing factor Lipidure-PMB which can retain water in the skin. High concentration of hyaluronic acid molecules of various sizes are added into the formula with innovative technology. Smaller molecule-Hyalo-Olig permeates into cellular plasma and locks in the moisture; bigger molecules-sodium Hyaluronate keeps the moisture within the outer layer of skin cells and gives skin healthy glow. Suitable for dry or sensitive skin.

how to use

After thorough cleansing and applying the toner every day and night, apply appropriate amount on the face. Gently massage the face until absorbed completely.


Sodium Hyaluronate, Hyalo-Olig, Dermawhite, Anasensyl®, Lipidure-PMB

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suitable for
all skin type / dry and delicate skin

all skin type / dry and delicate skin