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product name: Facee Auto Foundation Pat (1box) item no.: 106097102001 brand: Facee
ative from: 2012-08-30 00:00:00 product size: 1 box
function: category: Makeup Sponge



Facee Auto Foundation Pat brings you with a tremendous Korean make-up phenomenon – it gently pats your skin at 3,000 times per minute to quickly and evenly disperse the foundation that fingers or brushes cannot replicate.  The ergonomic design of the puff contours every natural curve from nose to eyes, creating the perfect flawless foundation.

  • Creates soft and light foundation base

  • Efficiently conceals pores and blemishes

  • Suitable for Foundation Base, B.B. Cream and Sunscreen

  • The ergonomically designed puff contours every natural curve on the face from the nose to the eyes.

Facee Auto Foundation Pat has 2-speed setting allows slower patting motion for delicate areas and fine finishing.

Remove the white paper upon first time usage.

how to use

Pull out the protective cap of the {facee Auto Foundation. Switch on the facee Auto Foundation. Apply droplets of foundation onto the face, and gently disperse the foundation on your skin. Switch off the tool when finished with usage.

  • CHANGING THE PUFF - Gently use the fingers to pull out the puff. Note the position and align the Puff and facee Auto Foundation Pat. Gently push with the thumb and hear the “click” to attach the Puff.
  • CLEANING THE PUFF - You may rinse the sponge with lukewarm water and air dry.
  • CHANGING THE BATTERY - Require 2 x AA batteries . Insert batteries on the bottom of the tool

TIPS -Leave a 1-2mm gap and gently press the { facee Auto Foundation } in circular motion against your skin and let it work its magic to evenly disperse the foundation.  There is no need to press the tool hard against your face.