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product name: The Saem MOM'S NAGGING
Hand Cream (Rose) (50ml)
item no.: 106124202001 brand: The Saem
ative from: 2013-02-05 00:00:00 product size: 50 ml country of origin: Korea
function: NourishingAnti-wrinkleHydrating category: Hand Cream



The Saem Mom's Nagging Hand Cream (Rose) can moisturize the skin and make skin softer and more elastic with its elegant rose scent. Enriched with rose water extract, shea butter and pomegranate extract, it has long-lasting moisturizing and exfoliating effect.

how to use

Apply proper amount whenever the hand feel dry.


Rose extract: provides nutrients to skin

Pomegranate extract: is anti-oxidant

country of origin


suitable for
all skin type

all skin type