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item no.: 106134602001
now: US$18.50
RRP: US$ 19.00
Discount: 3% off
specification: 100 ml
functions:Hydrating Nourishing


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product name: LANEIGE HOMME
Homme Active Water Sleeping Pack (100ml)
item no.: 106134602001 brand: LANEIGE
ative from: 2012-11-29 00:00:00 product size: 100 ml
function: Hydrating Nourishing category: Mask



Laneige Homme Active Water Sleeping Pack is a refreshing and revitalizing moisture gel lotion that quickly penetrates the skin to fill the skin with moisture.

It contains Yeast dissolution extract to pacify & soothe skin stimulated by external irritation which supply revitalizing moisture for men’s dry skin for long-lasting suppleness and exfoliation. Enzyme-dissolved extracts sooth men’s skin damaged by external aggressors, such as shaving.

how to use

Use after toner every morning/evening; release an appropriate amount onto your palm and evenly spread over your face and neck.

suitable for
all skin type

all skin type