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functions:CollagenAnti-water RetenionWhiteningHydratingDetoxImmunoregulatoryAnti-oxidizingWomen’s CareResillientWhiteningHydratingDetoxMetabolism


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product name: Ankang Beauty Restoring Essence (with micro-collagen 12000mg) (6piece) item no.: 106135508001 brand: Ankang
ative from: 2012-08-28 00:00:00 product size: 6 piece
function: CollagenAnti-water RetenionWhiteningHydratingDetoxImmunoregulatoryAnti-oxidizingWomen’s CareResillientWhiteningHydratingDetoxMetabolism category: Beauty Supplement 



Ankang Beauty Restoring Essence is specially formulated to improve your skin condition not just from the surface, but with focus on correcting the underlying causes leading to the problems. This product contains micronizedcollagen, which is easily absorbed by the system and can help with improving skin elasticity and brightness in as little as 8 weeks. Being constantly exposed to environmental factors such as UV rays, pollution and toxin in foods and drinks, we have added citrulline to our formulation, which is a potent anti-oxidant to help protect your skin against environmental damages as well as prevent melanin formulation. We also know that stress, anxiety and insomnia are common problems that affect metabolism and the skin’s ability to self-repair; the natural active ingredients in brown rice and wild green oat extracts can help activate your nervous system’s natural ability to release stress-reducing enzymes, thereby promoting relaxation and improving your quality of sleep at night.

how to use

Drink the contents of one bottle daily at bedtime. Drink the contents directly from the bottle or dilute with cold water or juice. Avoid diluting this product with hot beverages as high temperature may inactivate the active ingredients.


Collagen 12000mg, GABA, Vitamin C