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item no.: 106155002001
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specification: 150 ml
functions:NourishingSoothingDeep CleansingOil Control


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product name: Heynature Cleansing Oil (150ml) item no.: 106155002001 brand: Heynature
ative from: 2012-09-19 00:00:00 product size: 150 ml country of origin: Korea
function: NourishingSoothingDeep CleansingOil Control category: Makeup Removal Oil



This high duo-performance cleansing oil gently dissolves makeup and thoroughly cleanses the skin at the same time. The product contains various natural botanicals that are safe to use on any skin types. Ingredients such as lavender oil and sweet almond oil protects and relieves the skin from external aggression, along with grape seeds and olives extracts that soothes and leaves it smooth and refreshed.

how to use

Place few pumps of cleansing oil onto hands and massage gently on the face and neck. Rinse well with lukewarm water.


Brown Rice, Oliver Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Aroma Essence Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Evening Prime Rose Oil, etc. All of them are vegetable oil.

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