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item no.: 106165302001
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specification: 1 pair(s)
functions:Anti-water RetenionLower LegFirming


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product name: Barbie B SLIM
180D Multifunctional Sock (1pair(s))
item no.: 106165302001 brand: Barbie
ative from: 2012-12-05 00:00:00 product size: 1 pair(s) country of origin: Taiwan
function: Anti-water RetenionLower LegFirming category: Socks



Barbie B Slim180D Multifunctional Sock is powerfully designed for instant results by its heat power and high-quality material. It is the glad tidings to those who long for beautiful legs!

The socks are endowed with partial pressure system in order to improve blood circulation. Dropsy is therefore alleviated while fatigue is relieved. The line of legs is redefined. In the following morning, your legs feel light and relaxed.

Free Size

39cm long

75%Micro Fiber Nylon

how to use

Take off your rings before putting on the MediQtto Sleeping Socks. File your nails smooth if necessary. As the socks are very tight, pull up the socks slowly.

1. Slip your toes through the sock. Tug the sock upwards.
2. While tugging the sock, make sure the Pressure Pad under the heel is in position.
3. Then adjust the Pressure Pad on the knee. Make sure the lined garment along the inner thigh is straight-lined and tugged up.
4. Tug upward till your thigh.

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