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product name: Lancome TRESOR IN LOVE
Eau de Parfum Natural Spray (5ml)
item no.: 106167304001 brand: Lancome
ative from: 2013-07-19 00:00:00 product size: 5 ml
function: category: Sample



Lancôme Trésor In Love, Eau de Parfum Natural Spray for women, is a soaring hymn to love. It is an irresistible floral fragrance composed of a touch of nectarine and cedar wood, distinctive rose and luminous jasmine. Both luminous and vibrant, sensual and radiant, Trésor in Love is a soaring hymn to love . The heroine of Trésor in Love lives her love story with disarming spontaneity.

Top Note: It opens with the carefree flurry of a fruity Pear-Nectarine accord, the kind that can trigger love at first sight.

Middle Note: Then comes a middle harmony of Rose Petals and Jasmine, a thrill of emotion effortlessly worn.

Base Note: Its woody base note composes an ethereal sensuousness, with Cedar Wood and White Musk.

how to use

Recommended for daytime causal wear. Apply on neck, back of the ears or pulse points after bathing or before going out.