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item no.: 106172103001
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functions:Athlete’s FootNourishingItch/odor ReliefAnti-bacterial


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product name: Oronine H Ointment (30g) item no.: 106172103001 brand: Oronine
ative from: 2012-11-02 00:00:00 product size: 30 g country of origin: Japan
function: Athlete’s FootNourishingItch/odor ReliefAnti-bacterial category: Day & Night Cream


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item no.: 106172104001
size: 100 g
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item no.: 106172103001
size: 30 g
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RRP: US$ 5.30
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item no.: 106172102001
size: 10 g
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Oronine H Ointment made from ingredients of the highest quality, this ointment works as both a skin cleanser and moisturizer.

Manufactured by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory, Inc , it can be the skin cleanser and moisturizer.

Also, it can be used to treat itching and irritation due to sting by mosquito, flea, bedbug, louse, gnat, etc. For pain caused by burns. For cuts and scratches. Protects sensitive skin due to shaving. Use before make-up application. Pimple remedy. Cure athlete's foot. For ringworm, scaldhead and psoriasis. For shoe-sores. For your baby's diaper and heat rash, For frost bite and chapped skin.

how to use

Use it whenever you find your skin is extraordinary dry.

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all skin type

all skin type

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