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item no.: 106189104001
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functions:NourishingSoothingDeep CleansingFirmingHydrating 


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product name: Lancome CLEANSER
Mousse Douceur Cleansing Foam (125ml)
item no.: 106189104001 brand: Lancome
ative from: 2013-02-14 00:00:00 product size: 125 ml
function: NourishingSoothingDeep CleansingFirmingHydrating  category: Cleansing Foam


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item no.: 106189104001
size: 125 ml
now: US$ 27.1    US$ 28.5
RRP: US$ 45.00
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Lancome Mousse Douceur Cleansing Foam is the softening cleansing foam. This rinse off formula is a smooth and creamy foam. Excellent to softly free skin from impurities. With Rosa Centifolia extract, the soap free, fresh and subtle formula cleanses, soothes and moisturizes. The skin is comfortable, like renewed, supple, and radiant.

how to use

Gently massage over wet face twice a day in the morning and in the evening, then rinse. Avoid the eye contour area. In case of contact, rinse off immediately.


Rosa Centifolia extract: provides cooling and soothing effect

suitable for
all skin type

all skin type