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item no.: 106189204002
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specification: 4 piece
functions:SoothingConcealingHydrating WhiteningOil ControlPA + + +BrighteningSPF30 or AboveNourishingDeep CleansingDark Spots RemovingBrighteningWhitening


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product name: Christian Dior TRAVEL EXCLUSIVE
DIORSNOW White Reveal Skin Care Set (4piece)
item no.: 106189204002 brand: Christian Dior
ative from: 2013-06-04 00:00:00 product size: 4 piece
function: SoothingConcealingHydrating WhiteningOil ControlPA + + +BrighteningSPF30 or AboveNourishingDeep CleansingDark Spots RemovingBrighteningWhitening category: Premium Gift Sets



Christian Dior DIORSNOW White Reveal Skin Care Set:

  • 【DIORSNOW White Reveal Gentle Purifying Foam】50ml
    A creamy, silky foam that gently removes all traces of make-up and impurities. It leaves the skin brightened, comfortable and incredibly soft and velvety.
    How to use it: Squeeze an appropriate amount to palm and work to lather with drops of water. Apply to face with gentle massage. Rinse off.
  • 【DIORSNOW UV Shield White Reveal BB Cream SPF 50 PA+++】10ml
    Offers a new way of understanding transparency. Based on a unique technology. Dior's in innovative Transparency Enhancing Complex (, the new Diorsnow range acts on the 5 key features of transparent skin: evenness, luminosity, moisture, plumpness and skin texture fineness. As light as it is active, this lightweight shield immediately protects and hydrates the skin. A powerful UV filter ensures effective protection against spot-inducing UV rays. Its moisturizing formula delivers instant comfort and leaves the skin soft and supple to maintain an incredibly transparent complexion.
    How to use it: Apply an appropriate amount to face and neck.
  • 【Diorsnow White Reveal Ultra Purifying Fluid】10ml
    Diorsnow is a clinically proven brightening treatment collection that evens the complexion, diminishes the appearance of dark spots and increases radiance. Powered by Icelandic glacial water and Dior's exclusive Transparency Enhancing Complex, the new formula counteracts skin acidity and targets all five features of a radiant complexion (evenness, luminosity, moisture, texture and plumpness) for even faster and more effective brightening results. Immediately skin is illuminated with a flawless and even radiance that is intensified day after day. Lightweight fluid brightens the skin and helps regulate sebum to minimize pores, smooth and refine the skin's texture and create a perfectly matte and even complexion

    How to use it: Apply proper amount to the face after cleansing.
  • 【DIOR SNOW D-NA Reverse White Reveal Strengthening Crème ( NUIT )】15ml
    A soothing and nourishing cream which combines T.E.C.™ with Centuline™ . It helps to improve cellular resistance to assaults. It provides a Ultra comfortable & soothing texture to increase cells-resistance. The skin is intensely nourished , corrected and also deeply strengthened.
    How to use it: Apply at night on cleansed and toned face and neck.

suitable for
all skin type

all skin type