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item no.: 106214303001
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specification: 200 ml
functions:SoothingWhiteningBrighteningDeep Cleansing


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product name: Eveline WHITE PRESTIGE 4D
Whitening Facial Wash Gel (200ml)
item no.: 106214303001 brand: Eveline
ative from: 2013-06-25 00:00:00 product size: 200 ml country of origin: Poland
function: SoothingWhiteningBrighteningDeep Cleansing category: Cleansing Gel



Eveline WHITE PRESTIGE 4D Whitening Facial Wash Gel employs non-greasy light formula & Lumiskin™ 4D White Complex which promotes cell renewal, delays and inhibits development of dark spots, keeping skin fair and moisturized. WHITE PRESTIGE 4D cosmetics series lightens complexion, evens out its tone and counteracts excessive pigmentation for up to 48h after application. Skin will be free from impurities and become illuminating.

how to use

Apply to the damp facial skin. Gently massage with fingertips. Rinse off with water.


Lumiskin™: delays the synthesis of melanin, lightens complexion and prevents development of new dark spots.
Marigold extract – promotes skin regeneration and soothes irritations.
Aloe extract: anti-inflammatory and soothing effect.
Natural betaine :maintains epidermal hydrolipidic balance, improves skin elasticity.

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all skin type

all skin type