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item no.: 106215705001
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specification: 100 ml
functions:Anti-wrinkleAnti-wrinkleSoothingHydrating HydratingDeep Cleansing


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product name: Eveline BIO HYALURON 4D
Gentle Biphase Eye Make-up Remover (100ml)
item no.: 106215705001 brand: Eveline
ative from: 2013-07-04 00:00:00 product size: 100 ml country of origin: Poland
function: Anti-wrinkleAnti-wrinkleSoothingHydrating HydratingDeep Cleansing category: Lip/Eye Makeup Removal Water



Eveline Gentle Biphase Eye Make-up Remover effectively removes make-up, also waterproof and durable, not leaving greasy film on skin. Extremely gentle innovative formula removes the toughest of makeup in seconds and the enriched plant extracts highly moisturizes and smoothens skin around eyes. Lotion does not disrupt skin natural pH, does not irritate skin and conjunctiva. Fragrances free - Alcohol free. It can effectively remove a variety of eye makeup while adding rose and cornflower can effectively soothe and soft fragile eye skin.

how to use

Shake the bottle before use. Soak the cotton pad with lotion and put it on the eyelid. Wait for few seconds then remove.


Cornflower extract: nourishes and strengthens lashes
Unique Hydrovance™ complex :perfectly moisturizes, smoothens and firms skin

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all skin type

all skin type