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item no.: 106220603001
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product name: Collistar BODY
Intensive Firming Cream (200ml)
item no.: 106220603001 brand: Collistar
ative from: 2013-04-11 00:00:00 product size: 200 ml country of origin: Italy
function: Firming category: Slimming Lotion/Cream /Oil



Collistar Intensive Firming Cream is a soft cream combining the effectiveness of an exclusive mix of active ingredients with the pleasure of a rich texture that is ultra-absorbent and extremely easy to apply, making it ideal also for massage. Its formula is based on the unique dermo-firming synergy of three substances - vegetable elastin, equisetum and creatine - which safeguard and strengthen the fibres of collagen and elastin and make the skin of the body more toned and compact. Targeted nourishment and deep hydration are guaranteed by a mix of active principles, including non-saponifiable olive oil, protein-rich wheat germ, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E.

how to use

Apply the cream to the body with a light massage to aid absorption.

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