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item no.: 106255402001
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specification: 90 g
functions:DetoxFirmingAnti-water RetenionWaistLymphatic Circulation


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product name: 5 Degree Up Upper Thermal Bubble (90g) item no.: 106255402001 brand: 5 Degree Up
ative from: 2012-10-12 00:00:00 product size: 90 g
function: DetoxFirmingAnti-water RetenionWaistLymphatic Circulation category: Slimming Lotion/Cream /Oil



Heat Slimming for Tummy
5 Degree Up Heat up and Reduce Tummy Fat

Heat slimming for tummy, 24 HOURS NON-STOP
Have you noticed the slimming trend on the internet recently? Without exercise, a lot of OLs reduce tummy fat by simply using “5 degree Up” explosion bubble. It causes an increase of body temperature and non-stop burning tummy fat.

100% SUCCESSFUL WAY to burn tummy fat
Recently most of OLs’ tummy become bigger because of their lack of exercise, frequent sitting and eating of high-calorie foods. The high-energy heat burns the stubborn fat and change body temperature instantly. And thus, the tummy fat will be significantly reduced.

The HIGHER EXPLOSIVE RATE, the more fat burned
“5 Degree Up” Upper thermal bubble is especially target for tummy fat. The thermal energy experts condensed the high-energy heat into explosion bubble. The adoption of those new technology makes the explosion bubble penetrates deep into fat layer within 3 seconds once touch the skin, it flow through the body and the suborn fat disintegratee by the high-energy heat instantly.

Bring truly amazing results comparing to HOT YOGA
Thermal energy experts tend to believe that the high-energy heat in the explosion bubble should be hotter than hot yoga, thus it would thoroughly undermine the tummy fat to avoid rebound effect. It is amazing that the heat is able to continue for 90 minutes and penetrates as deep as into tummy fat layer, and assuring that the skin surface are not affected.

Get rid of TUMMY FAT, though you ALWAYS SIT in office
If you search for “5 Degree Up” on the internet, you will find many blog are talking about the amazing effects of heat slimming for tummy. Many OLs are excited about the result and commended “5 degree Up” for its heat up and reduce tummy faster!