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product name: 2Max Super Fat Breaker - Extra Electronic Pad, 2 Round Pad Pack (2piece) item no.: 106256302001 brand: 2Max
ative from: 2012-10-13 00:00:00 product size: 2 piece
function: category: Slimming Tools



Do your 2Max Super Fat Breaker electrode pads no adhesion?

2Max Double Edge Super Fat Breaker - Extra Electron Pad , ( 2Round Pad Pack). Easy to replace, only 10 seconds. Strong adhesion, it can use for more than 50 times. Get it now! Enjoy the double effect!

1. Never attach two pads to each other.

2. After using, always place adhesive parts back on to the plastic sheet provided.

3. If the adhesion weakens, please wipe with a slightly wet cloth.

4. Keep adhesive pads clean, be sure there is no dust, oil and other materials on them.

5. Place in the provided tray after use.

6. Store in a cool dry place.